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The GTD® Virtual Study Group is a supportive global community dedicated to inspiring and empowering personal growth.

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240: Future Planning for Horizons 3 and 4


The Horizons of Focus can often be the hardest piece of GTD to grasp. They can seem elusive and amorphous. Today, the VSG shares how we have defined them, and how we keep an eye on them and make sure our goals and visions don’t become purely wishlists. Enjoy!

Resources from the call:

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220: GTD Tips


195: How has your GTD practice changed over time?


115: How to Create Focus and Intentionality in 2014 - A GTD® VSG Live Call


Happy New Year! This was a great call with lots of engagement!

A couple of concepts around focus and intentionality have been really hot topics in the productivity space lately, what with the new year approaching and all. A big one is Chris Brogan’s “My Three Words”. And, similarly, in Daniel’s latest interview for GTD® VSG with Timo Kiander, I was really struck with Timo’s approach to intentionality and focus. He explained how he made a conscious choice to gain hours in his day by getting up early to get his workouts in. And he was intentional in his other choices of what to do, or not do, in order to stay on focus.

The focus of the call around focus, intentionality, Horizons of Focus, Areas of Focus and Responsibility, and how we can all benefit from building that into our GTD® systems to support us throughout the year. 

Resources from the call:

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062: Back to Basics: Roles, Responsibilities, and Areas of Focus


How do you use the 20K horizon of focus to get things done? We're back to basics in this episode. Listen as we talk about how to use 20K to set goals (30 and 40K), how 50K can help you define areas of focus, and how 20K can help you to make decisions when opportunities come your way.

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043: When Your Roles and Goals Disagree


When you're saddled with a role that you're not enthusiastic about or having gotten assigned a big project that doesn't turn you on, how do you get through it to what you really want to do? In this episode, the Virtual Study Group takes a question from a listener and explores roles, horizons of focus, and letting go of the "shoulds" that get in the way of doing our great work.

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