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The GTD® Virtual Study Group is a supportive global community dedicated to inspiring and empowering personal growth.

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098: Ask the VSG: Teams and Businesses Edition


It's time for another episode of Ask the VSG! On this call, we talk about corporate communication, social media as an alternative to email, and much more.

Download the podcast here.

URLs mentioned on this call:

086: Special Guest: Lindsey Holmes


In this episode, we welcomed special guest, Lindsey C. Holmes. Recently named Evernote's new Small Business Ambassador, Lindsey is a passionate GTDer. She'll gave us us the inside scoop on how folks in small biz can use GTD, shared her expertise with Evernote, and much more.

Download the podcast here.

Lindsey's speaking guide with URLs mentioned in the call:
Evernote Small Business Forum- - To request Beta Test

077: GTD and Corporate Life


Locked down, firewalled, hemmed in my “their” software? Yep, corporate life can really hamper your ability to create one system and practice GTD smoothly across all your areas of focus. In this session, we talk about how to make your practice flow across the barriers that come between you and blackbelt productivity.

Download the podcast here.

065: Special Edition! Interview with Jim Hopkinson, Author of The Salary Tutor


One of the trickiest (and most critical) parts of getting a new job is the salary negotiation. Yet, the skills required are rarely taught. In this special edition interview, host Tara Rodden Robinson talks to Jim Hopkinson, author of Salary Tutor to give you the inside scoop on how to ask for what you're worth--and get it!

Download the podcast here and check out Jim's book on Amazon (affiliate link).

042: Utilizing GTD in Career Development


Stuck in a dead end job? Laid off? Maybe just want new horizons and challenges? No matter where you are in your career, this call will give you some food for thought. Ken Mattsson (;, career and professional development consultant, takes us from 50K to the runway and gives lots of helpful advice on how to create your vision, build your network, and accelerate your progress.

Download the podcast here.