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The GTD® Virtual Study Group is a supportive global community dedicated to inspiring and empowering personal growth.

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095: End of Year Review


It's our last meeting of 2012! Join the Virtual Study Group as we gab about end of year reviews, recap the best of 2012, and celebrate another year of productivity.
Download the podcast here. [UPDATED LINK!]

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094: Ask the VSG


Have you ever wanted to quiz the members about a pressing problem or a difficult situation you're trying to work out? In this episode, we tackle some questions from callers. We didn't get to everything so we'll be doing another of these soon.
Download the podcast here. [UPDATED LINK!]

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093: Cloud Computing: How Vulnerable Are You?


Back in August, Wired writer Mat Honan got hacked. In this episode, we learn about how access to one account allowed hackers to wipe out all of Mat's accounts and what that means to those of us who keep so much data in the cloud. You'll get tons of info about how to protect yourself from the VSG's own Bill McNeely.

Download the episode here.

To download Bill's handout, visit

090: Cultivating Reliability: Showing Up, Practicing It, Getting It Done


Keeping commitments is at the heart of getting things done. But how many of us renege on our commitments to ourselves? In this episode, you'll learn more about practicing the art of being reliable for yourself. Join the Virtual Study Group as we talk about, making, keeping, and breaking commitments. A great discussion, full of insights!

Download the podcast here.

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089: Outside Pursuits: Using GTD to Get Creative


There's so much more to do than just work! In this meeting, we share how we use productivity tools and methods to get creative pursuits done. If you're artistic (just want to be), join us for the conversation.

Download the podcast here. [UPDATED LINK!]

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088: Combining GTD with Other Systems and Approaches


Join the Virtual Study Group as we talk about how other methods and approaches can combine with GTD to get even more productivity goodness.

Download the podcast here.

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087: Media Consumption and GTD


We're living-in-the-future where the combination of portable computers (smartphones, tablets, etc.), digitization of media and the Internet as a delivery mechanism means that we have an unprecedented access to a variety of media (books, audiobooks, articles, podcasts, movies, TV shows). The ability to record & store media effectively means that we can time-shift media that was formerly broadcast and consume it in our own schedule. So, amidst the myriad possibilities, how do you decide what to pay attention to? How do you keep track?

Listen to our discussion by downloading the podcast here.

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086: Special Guest: Lindsey Holmes


In this episode, we welcomed special guest, Lindsey C. Holmes. Recently named Evernote's new Small Business Ambassador, Lindsey is a passionate GTDer. She'll gave us us the inside scoop on how folks in small biz can use GTD, shared her expertise with Evernote, and much more.

Download the podcast here.

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Evernote Small Business Forum- - To request Beta Test