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The GTD® Virtual Study Group is a supportive global community dedicated to inspiring and empowering personal growth.

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018: Special Guest: David Allen


Happy Holidays! In this special episode, we enjoyed David Allen as our guest. David gave us an update on the growth of GTD as well as answered lots of questions. Download the podcast here.

The Study Group is off for the holidays and will be back in January with more discussions. We'll be talking about David's new book, how to stay on track with our New Year's aspirations, and lots more. I hope you'll join us.

017: Someday/Maybe


Lots of us keep someday/maybe lists but perhaps don't use those as effective tools. In this discussion, you can hear how some folks use someday/maybe to achieve goals and move next-actions forward faster.

Download the podcast here.

Our next meeting will be on Dec 11 when David Allen is scheduled to join us. Confirmed. Really. In the meantime, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

012: Plate Spinning with GTD


Keeping all your projects going at once is a lot like plate spinning. To maintain any sort of momentum, there’s got to be some energy inputs by you or someone else. If you stop paying attention, the project wobbles and eventually grinds to a halt. In this episode, you’re sure to find something that will help you keep your own plates spinning smoothly with nary a wobble in sight.

Download the podcast here.

011: Dean Acheson


This episode features special guest, Dean Acheson. David Allen credits Dean as the originator of the next-action thinking that sparked what we know as GTD. David recently interviewed Dean as part of the GTD Connect: In Conversation series which created lots of interest in learning more from Dean.

**Sadly, the recording for the June 26 discussion of David Allen's In Conversation interview with Dean Acheson was lost prior to upload.

010: GTD and Families with Special Guest, Matthew Cornell


My apologies for the delay in uploading this podcast! This is the June 12 meeting of the group. Sadly, the recording for the June 26 discussion of David Allen's In Conversation interview with Dean Acheson was lost.

In this episode, listen as guest presenter, Matthew Cornell, talks about GTD and families. Many thanks to Matt for pitching in and huge thanks to guest facilitator, Doreen.

Download the podcast here.