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118: Getting Things Done with Evernote Ambassador Bryan Lee: My Interview On His Podcast, LaunchByte


Bryan Lee, Evernote Ambassador for Fitness in Singapore, Interviews Daniel Gold, DEG Consulting in his podcast, LaunchByte

One of the best parts of what I do for an international community of folks who are looking to become more productive and successful in their lives is meeting and getting to know people from all corners of our globe. Yesterday was a great example! I was asked to be interviewed by Bryan Lee, the Evernote Ambassador for Fitness in Singapore, for his Google+ Hangout/podcast, LaunchByte!

Bryan is an entrepreneur, a writer and a self-taught software developer. He is the co-founder of Intraix, and a software company that helps commercial building to become more energy efficient. Particular to the productivity scene, Bryan speaks on how to increase productivity using Evernote to both schools and corporations.

Bryan wanted to interview me to talk about GTD®, Evernote, and overall principles about productivity. We covered a lot of topics in this 35 minute interview. For instance, do you need to strictly adhere to the tenants in GTD if you are getting things done with a modified system, can you implement the system in David Allen's book if you never actually read the book; and how I am teaching my productivity coaching clients how to implement both Todoist and Evernote together to lead a more productive and stress-free life. Oh, and then there was the question about what would I do if Evernote shut down tomorrow! You'll want to listen to all 35 minutes to know more!

Thank you again to Bryan for a very awesome interview. I feel quite grateful for the generous invitation and for making feel like I was sitting next to him in Singapore!

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