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The Magic of the "Push Left" Transition


Thank Nancy Duarte for this fantastic piece of visual eye candy!  As I read slide:ology, I began thinking: how can I implement the Push Left transition in PowerPoint?  What is this "use sparingly" transition I speak such lofty things about? In Nancy Duarte's book she says:

There are times when one slide isn't enough real estate for all your content. Instead of piling it all on one slide, split the content between two will create the illusion that the content is all in the same scene. A transition that makes the slides feel like one large space will help the audience feel like the information is connected within that space. p.190.


How did I implement this idea?  A colleague recently showed me his slide he was using to demonstrate the great power of one of our products.  I thought the idea was great; however, there was so such rich content all on one slide that the font size was down to 8!  I suggested we space out the idea over a series of slides, using Nancy's awesome suggestion. What does it look like?

Here's the before:

How Data Flows (Before)

And here's the after (ignore my lack of talent in photo-stitching!)

How Data Flows (Before)

I'd love to hear what you all think!