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122: The Art of the Capture with Mike Vardy, Productivityist


NEW! Watch the video interview!

In this pre-recorded GTD Virtual Study Group call, we welcomed into the virtual studio the Productivityist himself, Mike Vardy! Mike and I had a really great conversation about how critical the very first phase of Getting Things Done® methodology of is for everyone!


Where to find Mike Vardy:



Download the podcast here!

119: Ask the VSG!


A great call covering a mixed bag of GTD topics, asked and answered by those on the live call. We started out with a follow-up to last month’s call hearing about Mike Schroff’s implementation using OneNote. From there we moved on to overflowing email inboxes, Inbox Zero, collaborative platforms, ‘mind like water’, weekly reviews, daily reviews, and more. A little something for everyone in this fun call! Hope you enjoy!


Download the podcast here!

106: How To Get It All Done When Someone Else's Life Depends On It!


Dallon Christensen of Whiteboard Business Partners joined us on the live call. Dallon not only has an amazing personal story of how he has been using GTD, but also wears a whole lot of hats ranging from a full time day job and several side projects. Listen in as we learn his story and find out how he's able to get it all done!

You can find out more about Dallon on Twitter, FacebookGoogle+, and LinkedIn!

Dallon mentioned some really great resources on today's call. Check them out and we hope they can help you too!

Check out this episode

026: Perspective and Control


David Allen calls it "captain and commander," a state of perspective and control nirvana that allows you to have mind like water. But how do you get there? In this episode, we talk about capture, weekly review, and the other GTD skills that are needed to get you in the upper-right quadrant. We also had a surprise special guest, Renzo Borgatti, who gave us the low-down on the Pomodoro Technique as a means of gaining greater control over distraction and increasing focus.

Download the podcast here.

Lots of links were mentioned:
The Pomodoro Technique (with links to the eBook, cheat sheet, and much more here)
Renzo's Mac only Pomodoro timer
Another handy Mac only timer (that ticks)