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The GTD® Virtual Study Group is a supportive global community dedicated to inspiring and empowering personal growth.

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126: Decision Making at the Higher Horizons


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A very special panel discussion for this episode of the GTD Virtual Study Group. In this episode we discuss the ability to make tough decisions with more clarity of focus and with strategic vision by leveraging GTD and the six Horizons of Focus. A very big thanks to Art Gelwicks, Jeremy Roberts, Raymond Sidney-Smith, and Mike Vardy, for joining co-hosts Daniel Gold and Michelle Gunn for this one!

We recorded this episode via Google Hangout. If you would like to see the video version, you can watch it here.

SPOILER ALERT: This was also a very special “Un-Farewell” episode, as Daniel announced that this is his last official episode as a co-host. I would like to sincerely thank Daniel for everything he has brought to the GTD Virtual Study Group! He will definitely be missed!! -MG

Download the podcast here!

125: Developing Your Higher Horizons


In this live call, the GTD® Virtual Study Group talks about developing our higher horizons. Always an interesting topic, this call generated a lot of great discussion on the subject. Enjoy!

Resources from the call:

Download the podcast here.

062: Back to Basics: Roles, Responsibilities, and Areas of Focus


How do you use the 20K horizon of focus to get things done? We're back to basics in this episode. Listen as we talk about how to use 20K to set goals (30 and 40K), how 50K can help you define areas of focus, and how 20K can help you to make decisions when opportunities come your way.

Download the podcast here.

060: Special Edition! Interview with Best Selling Author Dan Goldie


In this special episode, learn about co-author of The Investment Answer, Dan Goldie. He talks about how writing this book with his best friend, the late Gordon Murray, changed his view on his "50K," how he handled the workflow of writing the book, and what it was like to tackle a significant and urgent project.

Download the podcast here.

The article from the Huffington Post mentioned in the interview can be found here.